Pretty maids all in a row, c.1940s.
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Madame Janette ! by -Berta…- #flickstackr

Renee Perle with paintings, 1930s. Photograph by Jacques-Henri Lartigue (French, 1894-1986).
 ”She is beautiful,” Lartigue told his diary. “The small mouth with the full painted lips! The ebony black eyes. From under her fur coat comes a warmth of perfume. The head looks petite on her long neck.” The pair spent two years together, cavorting as if on eternal vacation in Cannes, Juan-les-Pins, and Biarritz, with Lartigue’s camera always at the ready.

Nirav Patel Photography

"Audrey was meek, gentle and ethereal, understated both in her life and in her work. She walked among us with a light pace, as if she didn’t want to be noticed. [I regret losing her] as a friend, as a role model, and as a companion to my youthful dreams." 
-Sophia Loren on Audrey Hepburn

Forêt de Cèdres, Provence, France by flygg on Flickr.